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Karl Bundesen


Karl, and Century 21 Bundesen have extensive experience marketing rural properties, ranches and land. Karl has successfully participated in the following ranch properties:

“We had worked with Karl to find a special place in the country for more than a year, starting about two years ago. In working with Karl to view and evaluate many properties, we learned that his knowledge of country properties was comprehensive and critical and that he could be utterly relied upon to provide very honest valuations and insights on each property.”
—Tim Geiser

• San Antonio Valley Farm (San Antonio Road, Petaluma) Web Site
• San Antonio Ranch (San Antonio Road, Petaluma) Web Site

• Gray Ranch (Roblar Road, Petaluma) Web Site
• Bundesen Ranch (Lohrman Road, Petaluma) Web Site
• Silvestri Ranch (Valley Ford, Freestone) Web Site

• Reimer Ranch (Middle Road, Petaluma) Web Site
• Lope-n-Oaks (I Street, Petaluma) Web Site
• Bodega Ranch (Joy Road, Petaluma) Web Site
• Garzoli Ranch (Chileno Valley Road, Petaluma) Web Site
• Pacheco Ranch (“I” Street, Petaluma) Web Site
• Camozzi Ranch (Bodega Ave., Petaluma) Web Site
• Cerini Ranch (Fallon Road, Petaluma) Web Site
• Pacheco Ranch (On San Antonio Road, Petaluma)
• Shannon Ranch (Martinoni Road, Petaluma)
• Axelrod Ranch (Martinoni Road, Petaluma)
• Farmer Ranch (Chileno Valley Road, Petaluma)
• Peterson Ranch (Old Redwood Highway, Petaluma)
• Button Ranch (Portion on Eastman Lane, Petaluma)
• Booth Ranch (Portion on Carroll Road, Petaluma)
• M. Booth Parcels (Chileno Valley Road, one in Sonoma and two in Marin, Petaluma)
• Kimball Ranch (Chileno Valley Road, Petaluma)

eric frost

Eric P. Frost

Eric Frost has lived and worked Real Estate in Sonoma and Marin Counties since 1989 with a particular interest in ranches, period homes and properties of historical significance.
Eric has a BA from the University of California, Irvine and a Masters license from the United States Coast Guard.
Eric is also an avid surfer, and owner-builder of 100% Agave Surfboards established in 1993.

“For anyone looking at buying or selling real estate I’d highly recommend working with Karl Bundesen. We bought 300 acres in a very complex deal that included a conservation easement with the county and he was on top of every detail and has a large rolodex of high quality service providers that help get the deal done right.”
—Craig & Tara Smith, Tara Firma Farms